Rates for Translation & Proofreading

For translation or proofreading, we usually  price per project. The price depends on the language pair, the level of technicity of the text, of its length, and the deadline for the delivery. To get an idea, you can calculate the price by the number of source words (the number of words in the text to be translated). However, in case it is impossible to automatically determine the number of words in a document (in hard copy documents for example), you can either estimate manually the number of words or we can charge by the number of words in the target text (translated text).

For proofreading/revision, I charge by the hour. Again, it depends on the technicity of the text and the deadline.

Services Price
Translation English into French €0.15 €/word
Translation Italian into French €0.15 €/word
Editing or proofreading €75/hour
Project minimum (under 300 words) €45
Non editable or hard copy documents +10%
SEO Translation from €0.20/word
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Rates for Liaison Interpreting

I offer liaison interpreting  for the following pairs: English-French and Italian-French. I charge by day or half-day depending on the missions.

Services Price
Full day (8h) €530
Half day (4h) €340
Additional hour €120

Each project is unique, so don’t hesitate to contact me to get a tailor-made quote.

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The rates given above are applicable from Jan. 1st 2020. Please note that they are provided for information purposes only.