Your company needs translation services into French, and you are in charge of finding a translator for that job. After spending long hours researching the web, you’re tired not to find the right person nor the answers to your questions. It is true that when you don’t know where to start, buying translation services can sometimes be a bit frustrating. Here are some advice to consider before choosing a translator.

Choosing a translatorChoosing your translator, some key points

Let see together the key points to consider when looking for a translator. First, always keep in mind that the more you explain your project the better. Don’t be afraid to give a quick overview of your company’s activity, product(s) and target audience. Don’t be shy if the translator asks questions. It’s a good thing. On the other hand, be extremely suspicious if s/he asks only the number of words and sends you a quote without even seeing the document or inquiring what your project is about.

When you present your project, explain what is the goal your company wants to achieve with the translation. Give as much information as possible about your target audience, age group targeted, country, industry, etc. Don’t forget to specify the file type and the exact job you want the translator to perform. Is it a video to subtitle, a paper brochure, or a website? Depending on your content, some special skills may be required (DTP, HTML, subtitling software, video editing…).

If possible, send the file (or part of it) to your translator for him/her to see. If your document is confidential, it can be the right time to ask the translator to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. Ask to see his/her Terms and Conditions. If s/he is a true professional, it is likely that you’ll find a confidentiality clause in the Terms of sales.

Choosing a translatorIn any case, the translator must answer all your questions and inquiries. If it is not so, and if s/he does not behave professionally pick another one. You need to trust him/her; otherwise you won’t do a good job and your company’s message will be jeopardized.

Translator, a bad choice can have serious consequences

Remember that when you’re hiring a translator, you want someone to carry your company/brand’s message in a language you don’t speak. So make sure that this professional is up to that task and masters all the skills needed to brilliantly transfer your message in the target culture and help you conquer new markets.

If you hire someone that is not an expert in your field, your website will sound as it’s been translated by amateurs and your clients will smile and be amused. Your company’s reputation will be harmed in this particular country and it is not easily fixed.

Of course, professional translation services with high standards come with a price. But if you think about the high cost of a ruined reputation, it is really worth it. If you want to know more on how cheap translations can be a disaster to your company, check my article: “Translation, Buying Cheap Is Actually Expensive.”

Think twice before you choose your translator, but if you follow this basic advice, it is likely that your brand will be able to conquer new territories and markets.

If you understand the importance of carefully choosing your translator, Get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to answer your questions if you have some and share my expertise so that your communication will be a success on French-speaking markets.