Excellent services

Colin offers excellent services. It is always a real pleasure to work with him

Isabelle, Éditions Mieux-Vivre

Colin Pascal-Rohken

Professional Translator

I am your French voice to carry your message beyond the border and help you reach your French-speaking clients. My studies in France, Italy and Canada gave me the opportunity to become familiar with multicultural environments, and the cultures of my language pairs. I hold a Master’s degree in specialized translation (English/Italian into French) from Aix-Marseilles University (France), and I am a member of the SFT (Société française des traducteurs), the professional translators’ association in France.

Whatever your translation project, you are at the right place to find valuable advice for a successful communication on French-speaking markets. My practical knowledge as well as my experience combined with my precision and method are my greatest assets and guarantee you good quality services in professional translation.

I closely follow developments in the wood and automotive industry. I also specialize in tourism and marketing. Whether you are looking for a translator for your user manual, traveling brochure or corporate communication documents, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You’ll be able to make the most of my experience and you’ll be assured to reach your target audience with a clear and relevant language.

You are not sure where to start for your translation project? Click below to get in touch with me, and discover tailor-made solutions to save time and worries.

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